Chinese singer raised a Himalayan bear instead of a dog: she faces prison

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 Chinese singer raised a Himalayan bear instead of a dog: she faces jail< /p>

A singer could be jailed for 10 years for raising a bear in her house that “thought he was a dog.” The singer has now been arrested for keeping a bear, according to Newsrnd.

Su Yun, who lives in a village near the city of Kunming in China's Yunnan province, adopted a Tibetan mastiff puppy while on vacation in 2016.
< br /> Tibetan Mastiff — this is a huge dog with thick black-brown fur, males weigh up to 70 kg.

Su didn't suspect anything, but said she was surprised by her dog's insatiable appetite, which ate a box of fruit and two buckets of noodles every day.
Two years later, Su's pet reached 115 kg and hasn't stopped growing.

She thought that size did not matter, but when she noticed her dog's extraordinary ability to walk on two legs, she realized that there was something suspicious about him.

“The bigger he gets, the more he looks like a bear”, — Su told Chinese media.

The owner's growing suspicions about her pet's true nature did not sit well with her, as she is “a little afraid of bears”.

The singer contacted authorities, who quickly identified her dog as an Asiatic black bear, which is classified as a vulnerable species with The bizarre story was first reported back in 2018, but it went viral again this week.

The Asian black bear, also known as the Himalayan bear, can weigh up to 180 kg and measure between 130 and 190 cm in length. ; and only after he was anesthetized. Because the staff who came to pick him up were afraid to interact with the wild animal until it was fully asleep.

Since then, officials have reported that the bear is living a healthy and happy life in your new home.

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