Chinese probe woke up after a moonlit night

Китайский зонд проснулся после лунной ночи

The lunar probe will continue scientific work.

Lander and lunar Rover, the Chinese probe Chang’e-4 on Tuesday moved in the operating mode, to continue his mission on the side of the moon in the sixth lunar day.

As reported in the Center of lunar researches and space programs with the Chinese national space administration, the lander was released from sleep mode at 18:00 on Tuesday, the Rover UTU-2 — in 02:16 the same day, reported the online edition of the with reference for a New time.

During the sixth lunar day of the dosimeter of neutron radiation and low frequency electromotor that are on Board the lander panoramic camera, radar detector, an infrared spectrometer and a detector of neutral atoms, which are on Board the Rover will be reloaded for further sensing the surface of the moon.

Chang’e-4, was launched on December 8 last year and made the first in the history of mankind soft landing in the crater the background of the Pocket in the pool of the South pole Aitken on the far side of the moon on 3 January this year.

The lunar day is 14 days on Earth, the same duration and moonlit nights. The probe Chang’e-4 went into hibernation with the coming of lunar night due to the lack of solar energy.

Published a picture of a crater on the asteroid Ryugu closeup

The lander and the Rover automatically went out of sleep mode in accordance with the angle of the sun, and key equipment on the probe worked.

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