Chinese companies ready to participate in the privatization of Ukrposhta

Китайские компании готовы участвовать в приватизации Укрпочты

Ukraine is to attract partners with money and technology, said Director General of Ukrposhta.

Large Chinese companies are interested in the partial privatization of “Ukrposhta”, said the General Director of the postal operator Igor Smelyansky.

As Smelyanskiy wrote in Facebook, he represented the company at the summit in China organized by CAINIAO, a key company in the structure of Alibaba Group, reports the online edition of the with reference to

“Warehouses Alibaba and its logistics are based in Russia, Belgium, Latvia, Estonia (and soon in Africa), but not us. I had talks with large Chinese companies. I did everything to convince them (and they are still ready) to go and even participate in the possible privatisation of Russian post, using this opportunity for myself to make transit site in Europe and Turkey,” said Smelyansky.

“Alibaba likes to work through partners and sharing risks with them. But they want certainty, clear strategy and clear rules for customs. Alibaba now integrates customs of different countries to speed up the transportation of goods between countries and make it “seamless”, — he explained.

According to a top Manager, Ukrposhta is in the top 15 partners of Alibaba in the world.

He believes that Ukraine “does not need to defend an imaginary “national heritage and strategic assets”, and realizing that to invest in the future as much as China, we, apparently, can not afford, try to find another way to stay relevant and competitive in the global economy — with partners who have or money, or technology, or both”.

In the Investment Council informed about the dangers of launching the new electricity market

Smila is not the first time in favor of the privatization of Ukrposhta, at least partially. First you need to sell 25% stake, he said.

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