China's tests of hypersonic weapons are a threat – Japanese authorities

China's tests of hypersonic weapons are a threat, - the Japanese authorities

The Secretary General of the Japanese Cabinet of Ministers Hirokazu Matsuno said that Tokyo considers reports of a test in China of a hypersonic aircraft capable of carrying a nuclear warhead with concern and as a threat.
< br /> According to him, China is conducting military preparations. The country's authorities are consistently, at a high level, increasing defense spending, rapidly and on a large scale strengthening their military potential, including in nuclear missile power.

“These actions have become a serious threat to the entire region, including our country '' Рsaid Matsuno, writes teletrader.

Earlier, the Financial Times reported that China launched a missile during tests from an aircraft moving more than five times faster than the speed of sound. The publication noted that no other country had previously demonstrated such a technological capability.

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