China will pay $ 1,570 to patients with positive COVID test

In China, $ 1570 will be paid to patients with positive COVID test

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The authorities of the Chinese city of Harbin will pay $ 1,570 each to residents who test positive for coronavirus.

This measure is intended to stimulate citizens to contact doctors at early signs of respiratory illness.

Chinese authorities recommend visiting a hospital if a person develops chills, coughs, sore throat, loss of taste, diarrhea, or persistent fatigue. In such cases, officials asked to put on a mask and go to the clinic, and then report on their movements and contacts.

It is noted that infected patients who did not declare themselves, but who were found with using the contact tracing system.

Currently, the situation with the incidence of coronavirus in Harbin is positive & mdash; Every day in the city of 6 million, about 10 positive COVID tests are detected.

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