China will explore planets outside the solar system from 2030

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 China will explore planets outside the solar system from 2030< /p>

China has announced new plans to explore deep space, launch a new probe and create next-generation launch vehicles. In addition, the country wants to build a “lunar internet”.

China's space plans include the following:

2025 – launch of a probe to study asteroids and comets.

2027 – the debut of a new launch vehicle that provides a manned flight to the moon. It will be a giant rocket with a height of 90 meters, a diameter of 5 meters and a launch weight of about 2187 tons.

2030 – exploration of potentially habitable planets outside the solar system.

In addition, by 2028 it is planned to build the basic structure of the International Research Station on the Moon, and in the next 10-15 years – to launch a mission to collect and deliver samples from Mars. There will also be exploration of Jupiter and Uranus, but there are no details here yet.

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