China warned the US ban exports of rare metal

Китай пригрозил США запретом экспорта редкого металла

A trade war is gaining momentum.

After the statement about the termination of cooperation of Google and Huawei, as well as the ban of the authorities of the United States to other technology companies to do business with Chinese company in China can enter the first retaliatory sanctions, reports the with reference for a New time.

Chinese policy serves to restrict the export of rare metals in the United States. The sanctions the goods can be a neodymium — rare-earth metal, which is used as the magnet in alloys with aluminum and magnesium in aircraft manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, and many other areas.

It is reported that Beijing is ready to ban the supply of neodymium in the case that “a trade war between China and the United States will worsen”.

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In the list of companies that may fall under Chinese sanctions will be “foreign enterprises, organizations and private persons, which are not subject to market rules, violate contracts and block, cease supply for non-commercial reasons or cause serious damage to the legitimate interests of Chinese companies”, according to China National Radio, citing a government source.

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