China: Tight Covid Policy Stimulates Protests

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 China: tough Covid policy sparks protests

In China, despite the “Zero-Covid” strategy, 34,909 new infections were reported domestically on Saturday, according to the National Health Commission. As infections spread to metropolitan areas, authorities imposed a ban on movement and business.

Protests erupted in northwestern Xinjiang after ten people were killed and nine injured in a building fire on Thursday evening. According to AFP, residents could not evacuate as the doors were blocked from the outside. However, officials have denied the accusations.

Several videos have surfaced showing crowds taking to the streets of Urumqi to protest the harsh anti-COVID measures.
The footage shows hundreds of people gathering at Urumqi city government offices chanting, “Remove the lockdowns!”

Videos show people in the square singing the Chinese national anthem, saying, “Get up, you who refuse to be slaves!” as protesters scream to be released from quarantine, Reuters reported.

Urumqi police said in a Weibo post on Friday that they had detained a woman named Su for “spreading online rumours”. on the number of victims of the fire.

According to the state broadcaster CCTV, the initial investigation showed that the fire was caused by faulty electrical outlets in the bedroom of one of the apartments. Urumqi Mayor Maymaitiming Kade issued an official apology for the fire at a briefing.

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