China tested a nuclear missile of a new generation

Китай испытал ядерную ракету нового поколения

The first missile test took place in December 2018.

The people’s liberation army of China successfully tested an Intercontinental ballistic missile nwaogu generation, is designed for launch from submarines.

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The rocket — presumably JL-3, was launched aboard the submarine, June 2 at 4.28 local time from the Bohai Bay of Shandong Peninsula, writes Defence Blog. The launch was noticed by many fishermen and witnesses on land, the video of the missile appeared on the network.

Solid-fuel ICBMs third-generation JL-3 is designed to be placed on submarines, it has a range of 12-14 thousand kilometers and can carry up to 10 thermonuclear warheads individual guidance.

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The commissioning of the head of the nuclear submarine — media JL-3 is scheduled for mid 20-ies.

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