China showed its fighters 5th generation

China has opened 12-th international aerospace salon AirShow China in 2018.

Китай показал свои истребители 5 поколения

According to the BBC, at the Beijing air show traditionally showcases his promising military developments. This time at the opening of Airshow China has demonstrated a new fifth generation fighter J-20. They were first shown to the public at AirShow China in 2016, in 2017 they entered service with the Chinese air force. Experts believe that the way China wants to narrow the gap with the military technology of the USA and their F-35.

The exhibition also was shown a Chinese multirole fighter J-10. This is the first Chinese combat aircraft, which according to its characteristics and capabilities close to the Western fighters. This is one of the main air force fighters of the people’s liberation army of China. Of civil aviation presented a full-scale mockup of a wide-body long-haul aircraft CR-929. This is a joint project of the Russian United aircraft Corporation (UAC) and the Chinese civil aviation Corporation (COMAC). Now the development of the aircraft is at the stage of conceptual design and selection of suppliers of major systems. This phase should be completed by the end of next year.

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