China: scientists find rice beer that is 9000 years old

China: scientists have found rice beer that is 9000 years old

Pots with traces of an unknown substance have been found in southeast China, Gizmodo reports. Scientists have analyzed and found that it is rice beer, which can be up to 9,000 years old.

A group of archaeologists who excavated in Qiaotou believe that the beer could have been used not for its intended purpose, but in ritual purposes, because two human skeletons were found at the excavation site. Probably, the ancient Chinese made beer and left it at the burial site in honor of the dead.

In total, 9 jugs and 7 long-necked pots were found in Qiaotou, which were used for drinking.

Scientists point out that the beer that was found in ancient pots does not look like a modern drink from store shelves. The ancient rice drink is more like a cloudy fermented liquid with a sweetish taste. The analysis showed that the Chinese used mold to ferment the drink.

At the same time, according to the researchers, the ancient inhabitants of Qiaotou, who traditionally were engaged in rice cultivation, could not even suspect about biological processes, but simply were guided by taste sensations. creating beer.

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