China may ban the rental of “Venom 2” due to racist joke

In China, because of a racist joke, the rental of

Fantastic film Venom 2, released in the fall, may be banned from distribution in China due to a racist joke starring Tom Hardy.

This is reported by Kanobu.

There is no exact information on the reasons for China's refusal to show the film. However, there are rumors in the country that the cause was a story that happened almost ten years ago.

At the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, actor Tom Hardy, who plays the lead role in Venom 2, was promoting another film with its participation & ndash; The Drunkest District in the World. At a press conference, the artist said that at one time he “ watched the Chinese tape of Marlon Brando. '' In fact, it was about the 1956 film Tea Ceremony, filmed in Japan.

Hardy's statement caused a storm of anger among Internet users in China. According to them, the actor showed disrespect for Chinese culture. The situation was aggravated by Hardy's response to the claims. The artist joked that soon everyone will have to learn the Cantonese language & ndash; one of the dialects of Chinese. At the same time, the official language of the PRC is North Chinese, also known as Mandarin or Mandarin.

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