China demonstrates a new rocket to the moon at the Zhuhai air show

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 China demonstrated a new rocket to fly to the moon at the Zhuhai Air Show

China demonstrated a model of a next-generation manned rocket designed to fly and land on the moon at one of the exhibition sites of the 14th China International Aviation and Space Exhibition Airshow China 2022, held in the port city of Zhuhai in the province of Guangdong in the south of China.

The take-off weight of this rocket is 2.1 thousand tons, its length is 90 meters. It can deliver 27 tons of payload to lunar orbit and 70 tons of payload to Earth orbit.

The first manned mission to be carried out by this rocket is expected to take place in 2027, Zhao Xinguo said. , representative of the China Rocket Research Institute.

In addition to the manned rocket, the airshow also displays a model of a new high-capacity launch vehicle. According to Zhao Xinguo, it will be capable of delivering up to 50 tons of payload to the Earth-Moon transfer orbit, up to 35 tons to the Mars transfer orbit and 150 tons to the Earth orbit.

This launch vehicle is in the process of development, and its launch is scheduled for around 2030, added Zhao Xinguo.

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