Children attacks dangerous disease in schools and kindergartens of Ukraine imposed quarantine

Детей атакует опасная болезнь: в школах и детсадах Украины ввели карантин

In Shevchenkovo’s village of the Odessa region due to the outbreak of measles has imposed a quarantine in schools and kindergartens

As at 19 Jan measles sick 14 children. About this on his page in Facebook wrote the head of the Chilia OTG Pavel Boychenko.

So, according to him, from January 21 in the schools of the village of Shevchenkovo and kindergarten quarantine. Whether to take similar measures and in other schools communities on Monday will decide the Executive Committee.

Детей атакует опасная болезнь: в школах и детсадах Украины ввели карантин

Measles is an infectious disease transmitted from an infected person to a healthy droplets, ie, when sneezing, coughs or talks. The measles virus can live in the air and on surfaces for up to two hours after a sick person left the room. The disease measles can cause severe complications: pneumonia, ear infections, brain inflammation — encephalitis, and other serious complications as well as disability and death. Specific treatment of measles there. The only way to prevent complications and death from measles — vaccination. Children and adults who have not received vaccinations are at risk.

As at 3 January 2019 in Ukraine there were 2 thousand 305 people infected with measles. Among them, 966 1 thousand adults and 339 children. Also, the Ministry of health reported that in 2018 measles sick 54 481 thousand people, among which 20 thousand 204 thousand 34 adults and 277 children.

Previously, we reported that the little girl “contracted” unique disease, resulting in sleeping for weeks.

“The girl sleeping for a week or more to Wake her up is simply impossible. Doctors do not know what to do in such a situation. For the first time this has happened to little Anna when she was only six months. She fell asleep in the afternoon, but woke neither the evening nor the next morning. The mother was very frightened but all her attempts to Wake the baby failed”, — stated in the message.

Детей атакует опасная болезнь: в школах и детсадах Украины ввели карантин

After that, the woman decided to urgently take the girl to the hospital, but doctors calmed her down.

“She rushed the daughter to the hospital because he suspected that the girl was in a coma, but the inspection did not confirm this. The doctors assured my mother that Anya is just very fast asleep. They didn’t know why she can’t Wake up, because she is completely healthy. A week later, the girl woke up as if nothing had happened, the examination found no problems or deviations, the girl either didn’t complain. But the next morning the child fell asleep again for an indefinite period”, — underlined in the message.

While doctors later put the girl diagnosed with “sleeping beauty syndrome”.

“After some time the doctors diagnosed hypersomnia or “sleeping beauty syndrome”, but this case is especially difficult, because all the famous doctors methods it does not work. So neither the parents nor the experienced experts do not know how to help little Anna, and only adapt to this lifestyle”, — specified in the message text.

We will remind, fighters of national guard mows dangerous disease.

We wrote that a wave of deaths from influenza has covered the Ukraine.

Also politeka reported that in Kiev the children become victims of vaccines.

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