Chief Rabbi: According to Jewish law, a woman bearing a fetus is a mother

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 Chief Rabbi: according to Jewish law, a woman who bears a fetus is a mother

Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi David Lau said that a woman who was mistakenly implanted with a fetus that did not belong to her genetically and who gave birth to a girl yesterday is a mother according to halachic law.

In a letter responding to a question about this, Lau argued that in such situations, the mother is considered the woman carrying the child, and not the biological egg donor.

Lau's position seems to apply to all cases of surrogate pregnancy.

His opinion on this issue has no legal force.

The mistake occurred during infertility treatment at the Assuta Medical Center; in Rishon Lezion. The biological parents of the child have not yet been identified.

The mother and her husband said they planned to raise the child as their own and asked that genetic testing be stopped for fear that others might claim the child people.

However, Lau said it was important to find the biological parents to prevent a girl from unwittingly marrying her brother in the future.

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