Chess Power: World Disabled Chess Championship to be held in Israel

 Chess Power: World Disabled Chess Championship to be held in Israel

Not even two weeks have passed since the decision was made to hold the World Team Chess Championship in Israel in a festive and large-scale format with the participation of 12 leading teams of the world during April, as it was also announced that the World Chess Championship among the disabled will also be held in Israel, but in a month, in May. Ashdod will be the host city.

This event will be made possible thanks to the assistance of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the direct participation of Minister Healy Truper, as well as with the support of the Municipality of Ashdod and the Israeli Chess Association.

During this period, Ashdod will be filled with festive events: dozens of great artists from Israel and the whole world.

It is expected that a large delegation will arrive from Ukraine – about 20 chess players, the same number will come from Russia. Chess players from the USA, France, Spain and other countries are also expected. Israel will be represented by top players led by Israeli Andrey Gorbanov, who won the World Disabled Championship last year, similar to his first win in 2015, and finished second three times.

The championship itself will last 9 days and will include a chess festival in the city of Ashdod, including sessions of simultaneous games and other performances. I would like to note that chess has received such strong support in Ashdod in recent years under the leadership of the mayor of the city, Yehiel Lasri, and his deputy, Eli Nahat. Nahat suffered a stroke at the age of 17 and doctors gave him less than a 50% chance of life, and even if he survived, his functioning would probably be extremely limited. And today, Eli says, “I am glad that I am functioning well and working in all possible arenas for society. My love for chess currently allows me to form a certain circle in my life. I am the Deputy Mayor of Ashdod and I hold a position in the Federation which is focused on players with special needs. And all this is happening in my city, in Ashdod.

Dr. Zvika Barkai, Chairman of the Israel Chess Association, said:
“I am very excited and proud to announce to the Israelis that, after great efforts and after we managed to host the World Team Championship, we will also host the World Team Championship. among the disabled in the State of Israel in the city of Ashdod in May 2022. This is a chess festival that will provide a glimpse into the world of chess and the game that the people of Israel have fallen in love with in recent years. The State of Israel is becoming a chess power with thousands of active players, events in more than 1000 schools, and now world championships are being held here in our country. I thank the Ministry of Culture and Sports, led by Minister Healey Trooper, for their help and partnership, and the Ashdod Municipality for their incredible support”.

 Chess Power: World Disabled Chess Championship to be held in Israel

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