Cherry on the cake: Keanu Reeves came to the wedding of fans

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 Cherry on the cake: Keanu Reeves came to the fans' wedding

Actor Keanu Reeves pleased his fans by coming to their wedding.

British couple James and Nikki Roadknight celebrated their wedding at a hotel in Northamptonshire. Keanu Reeves also stayed there.

The groom accidentally met the actor in a bar and invited him to the wedding.

“We didn't know if he would or not, but it was great, that my husband talked to him!”, bride Nikki told Newsweek.

An hour later, a hotel employee informed the bride about a special guest. As it turned out, it was Keanu Reeves himself, who has long been called “the nicest guy on earth.”

Nikki Roadknight said that the actor was friendly and took several photos with the newlyweds and wedding guests. Keanu Reeves also congratulated the couple on their wedding.

“We are big fans. I really liked the films "The Matrix" and really big fans of the John Wick movies! It was so great. The wedding was perfect anyway and we had the most magical day ever,” the bride shared.

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