Chemistry relationship and a healthy sleep: five reasons to undress completely for the night

Химия отношений и здоровый сон: пять причин полностью раздеться на ночь

There are some pretty good reasons in order to clothing before going to bed to remove completely

According to a survey in the United States, about 60 percent of men and 56 percent of women prefer to sleep naked. There are many reasons to do it. About the most common told the scientists.

Химия отношений и здоровый сон: пять причин полностью раздеться на ночь

Sleep becomes deeper

Sleeping naked is extremely useful since it allows you to sleep much better and stronger. The fact that sleeping without clothes automatically reduces the body temperature. Of course, when you sleep, the temperature is constantly changing, but when you sleep naked as it is much easier to regulate the body. The ideal room temperature, by the way, is from 15 to 19 degrees. And since when falling asleep the body itself is a little cooled, then cool air in the room will only make sleep more comfortable.

The insulin level comes back to normal

Numerous studies have shown that sleeping naked is beneficial for maintaining insulin levels normal. The fact that exposure to cold temperatures affects leptin and adiponectin. It’s the hormones that help balance insulin. Leptin regulates the appetite and the other hormone has the role of glucose and destruction of fatty acids. And sleep in the Nude, it means to expose yourself to cold temperatures. Therefore, the regulators of insulin at this time are normal.

The metabolism is accelerated

Brown fat burns energy to create heat and helps maintain body temperature. Taken together, this allows to speed up the metabolism in the body and therefore promotes weight loss. What is not attractive reason to sleep naked? The amount of white fat will significantly decrease if you sleep naked.

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The skin will be healthier

Skin health depends on many factors. Including sleeping naked allows you to keep it in decent condition. The lack of clothes has a positive effect on the appearance, as it allows the skin to breathe. In this case, decrease the risk of irritation, prevents the likelihood of clogged pores, diaper rash and rashes that are triggered by friction.

Химия отношений и здоровый сон: пять причин полностью раздеться на ночь

Helps to improve relations

This is one of the best reasons why it should be done. Between a man and a woman is flickering chemistry. Because contact during sex or sleep, too, relaxes, helps to facilitate sleep. In addition, there is a theory that couples that do not stop contact when falling asleep and during sleep, better sleep, feel more intimacy with each other.

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