Chefi Paz: The LGBT fight is over, don't you dare call me “parent #”


Well-known social activist and fighter against the infiltration of illegal migrants Shefi Paz commented on the scandal surrounding the MADA blood donor questionnaires.
< br /> Paz, a lesbian, in an interview with the Haruts Sheva portal said, “I am a mother. No one dares to call me “Parent #1” or “parent #2”. I'm not talking about the fact that a world war begins here – how to decide who is the first parent and who is the second? That's bullshit. Behind the words “father” and “mother” there is a deep meaning, and there is no meaning to the words “parent #1”. Even though my family is perfect, we are in the minority and forcing us on the majority will only end up hurting us”.

Paz added, “As long as my family is respected and give her space, I respect the world views of the majority. I'm not going to force this gender madness on anyone.

Paz emphasized that what is today called “the fight for LGBT rights” in fact is political struggle and coercion: “The main thing is coercion. I don't like what the LGBT community is doing. I don't see it as a community at all, it's a political movement. The LGBT fight is over. We have full rights, our children have full rights. What they are doing today is trying to impose their agenda”.

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