Checkmate: a trend suitable for all women, regardless of age and body type

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 Checkmate: a trend suitable for all women, regardless of age and body type

The combination of black and white is back in trend. The classic combination of practical universal black and elegant white in 2023 once again conquers the catwalks and makes leading fashion designers fantasize.

This trend is interpreted in an original, stylish and incredibly feminine collection by the Italian luxury brand ELISABETTA FRANCHI.

A black and white outfit is deservedly recognized as the easiest way to look strict, elegant and at the same time elegant and spectacular. It is appropriate in any situation, anywhere and at any time. And besides, it suits absolutely all women, regardless of age, body type, height and hair color.

After all, black and white combinations can be varied endlessly, focusing on both colors at once or on one of them, leaving the second role of a small detail that allows you to create a stylish look that suits you. The main thing is to find the right play of contrasts to make the outfit look impressive.

In ELISABETTA FRANCHI's interpretation, the black and white trend is a combination of femininity, elegance and glamour, kept in perfect proportions
in good taste. Special emphasis in the images is placed on unusual details.

Black bottom, white top – this is the simplest and most popular combination, however, many are afraid of it and consider it boring, remembering their childhood and school uniform. But in vain, “black bottom-white top” – this is the peak of elegance and sophistication, and if desired, it can look not only strict and elegant, but also bold and sexy, for example, if black stockings act as a black bottom.

 Checkmate: a trend suitable for all women, regardless of age and body type

Black and white prints always look spectacular, and besides, they are universal, they can be combined with anything and even among themselves, the image is complex and spectacular, even if the style of clothing is as concise as possible. After all, not everyone risks combining several different prints in one outfit, and such a choice speaks of courage and originality. “Checkmate: a trend suitable for all women, regardless of age and body type” />

If you combine a black dress or skirt with a white jacket, you get a young and energetic look and, oddly enough, elegant. A clear silhouette, graceful femininity and correct severity… if you want to spice up the image, choose a dress or top with a spectacular neckline, and a skirt with a high slit.

 Checkmate: a trend suitable for all women, regardless of age and body type


ELISABETTA FRANCHI — considered one of the most successful brands in Italy and worldwide. He gained high popularity among fashion connoisseurs around the world, thanks to the high quality of products and special attention to detail. The ELISABETTA FRANCHI brand is classified as an affordable luxury brand – it is a high-end prêt-à-porter fashion brand at affordable prices.

The ELISABETTA FRANCHI brand has representative offices all over the world with branches in the largest cities of the world that are fashion centers: Paris, Milan, Madrid, Moscow, Dubai and continues to expand. ELISABETTA FRANCHI is a regular participant of the International Fashion Week, which takes place annually in Milan.


The showroom of the brand is located in Milan, in the heart of the Fashion District, in a building of 1000 square meters, occupying 6 floors.

Today, the ELISABETTA FRANCHI brand has become synonymous with style and sophistication – famous Hollywood fashionists Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Kourtney Kardashian, Lady Gaga and many other world-class stars wear clothes from ELISABETTA FRANCHI.

Branch in Israel: Tel Aviv, Hey B'Yar Street 52, Kikar HaMedina.
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