ChatGPT wrote a speech for the President of Israel

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 ChatGPT wrote a speech for the President of Israel

Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog delivered a speech written in part by ChatGPT at the Cybertech conference in Tel Aviv on Wednesday.

Duke said that both the beginning and end of his speech were written by ChatGPT to demonstrate that he called the cyber industry and the high-tech industry amazing achievements. It is reported by the Jerusalem Post.

“I am sincerely proud to be the president of a country that has developed an innovative high-tech industry. Israel is constantly at the forefront of technological progress. Its achievements in cybersecurity, AI and big data are huge,” Herzog said.

The President continued, “From developing cybersecurity technologies to successful start-ups, Israel has a significant impact on the global stage.”

In addition, in his words, “machines not only take on tasks that were once only possible for humans, they perform tasks that humans could not even dream of – pushing the boundaries of imagination and what is possible.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chat bot developed by OpenAI that can work in a conversational mode. The sensational technology has attracted attention for its capabilities. ChatGPT can write code, texts and has translation capabilities.

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