“ChatGPT will destroy Google's business in two years”

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The popularity of ChatGPT, an online chatbot created by OpenAI, has led many to question the survival of search engines like Google. Paul Buckheit, the creator of Gmail, has also commented on the issue and believes that Google's business is at most two years away.

Launched last November, ChatGPT has become a favorite place to ask questions for millions of users. Instead of answering dozens of pages of search results, ChatGPT answers questions in a conversational style, making it easy for the user to ask follow-up questions.

Against this background, there is a possibility that Google will put an end to its core product, the search engine, just as Google shut down the Yellow Pages a few years ago. The instant success of ChatGPT made Google's top executives tremble with fear, and now the company is focusing on its artificial intelligence (AI) products.

Google has built its business largely around its most successful product; the search engine may soon face a crisis. As Paul Buckheit pointed out in a tweet, technologies like artificial intelligence could eliminate the need for search engine result pages, which is where Google makes most of its money.

Google charges advertisers for showing their products and services next to search results, which increases the likelihood that the provider will be noticed. In 2021, the company generated over $250 billion in revenue, the best in its nearly 25-year history.

However, with the advent of ChatGPT, Google may quickly lose its relevance as users search for more simple answers than indexed pages. Even if Google could bring AI products developed in-house to market almost immediately, Buckheit sees no way to do so without destroying the most valuable part of his business.

As ChatGPT has made rapid strides in demonstrating its broad appeal—from writing poetry to coding to even passing MBA exams at the Wharton School of Business—it has received additional financial backing from Microsoft, which is looking to embed chatbot capabilities into its search engine and push Google out of the top spot. .

While Microsoft would probably be happy to see Google on a downward trajectory after years of SERP dominance, ChatGPT itself does not believe that its existence will affect Google's search business.

However, it should be noted that ChatGPT responses are also based on training data, and it is possible that the engineers have trained the chatbot to process such requests without undue narcissism and self-confidence.

with ChatGPT and other AIs – all this will become clear only in a couple of years.

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