ChatGPT in Opera will shorten long articles for convenience

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 ChatGPT in Opera will shorten long articles for convenience

Opera, a Norwegian browser company, will improve web browsing with the latest integration of artificial intelligence technology.
based on ChatGPT. It is displayed in the sidebar of the browser. This feature provides users with a summary of articles and web pages, providing a quick and concise overview.

The company decided to integrate artificial intelligence tools into the Opera browser, following the tech giants Microsoft and Google.
Head of Strategy Partnerships and Opera's AI Ecosystem Per Wetterdal said, “We're excited to see the rapid rollout of developer software for solutions like Google Bard, and we're starting to build and implement new viewing experiences that seemed out of reach not so long ago.”

Although the “abbreviation” function not yet available to the general public, Jan Stendel, vice president of marketing and communications for Opera, said it will “come to browsers very soon.” The company is also working on other AI features that aim to “improve” web browsing experience, and plans to add “popular AI content services to the sidebar.”

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