ChatGPT has become the most popular service in the world, displacing TikTok

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 ChatGPT has become the most popular service in the world, replacing TikTok < /p>

ChatGPT has reached 100 million monthly active users, according to UBS. Instagram managed to win such an audience only two and a half years. It took TikTok a full 9 months, and the OpenAI neural network did it in two months since its launch on November 30, 2022.
According to analysts, in the first month after the launch, ChatGPT amassed 57 million active users. In January, about 13 million people visited the service daily.

ChatGPT is still free to use, but the developers have also launched a paid version for $20 per month. It responds much faster and gives priority access to new features.

The success of ChatGPT is said to have caused some companies to panic. For example, Google has accelerated work on its own version of artificial intelligence. The company announced “code red” after Microsoft announced the implementation of ChatGPT in its Bing search engine. Google is working on several potential competitors, including a search chatbot, and plans to showcase 20 products this year.

In addition, Chinese programmers will also present their developments. Therefore, ChatGPT will soon have a large number of competitors that will need to be confronted, constantly improving their performance.

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