Charlotte and Nelly are already girls, she tells Karel Gott to heaven Ivan

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Charlotte and Nelly are already girls, she tells Karel Gott to heaven Ivan

It’s been two years, but it still hurts. Singer Karel Gott still lives in the hearts of his family, close friends and fans. This is also proved by the touching words that his wife Ivana Gottová sends to heaven via social networks.

Legend of Czech music Karel Gott died in the 1980s of acute leukemia. On Friday, his fans commemorate this sad anniversary, for example, at Prague’s Malvazinky near Gott’s grave or at his villa in Bertramka.

Ivana Gottová posted a touching message to her husband on Facebook. “October 1. A date that I have etched in my memory forever. It’s been two years since you were with us, dear Karl. Our daughters are no longer girls, but big girls. You would certainly be very happy with them. We miss you very much! It hurts! Still the same,” says Gott.

According to her, they remember every day with the children they could spend together. “I am grateful for those beautiful 20 years in your arms. You have always been with me, you have loved me despite the opinions of others, you have believed as much as I did in our eternal love. You were my knight who fought for truth and justice, though sometimes in vain. “ presents Ivan with gratitude.

She also thanked her favorite singer for the greatest gift he could give her, daughters Charlotte and Nelly. “Thank you for all the good things you’ve given them. Our girls have received the best foundation from you! Not only will I be forever grateful for that.” thanks to Charles’ wife.

According to her the greatest driving force in the last four years of life has been the favor of the audience. “Now you are certainly smiling at us from above. The beautiful responses of your dear fans to your autobiography can be the greatest satisfaction to heaven for you,” Ivana thinks. And he believes that the forthcoming documentary will have a similar success.

“I would very much like that thanks to the film and the book, your legacy will live on. That your diligence, hard work and professionalism will inspire young people. You have lived a beautiful, rich and fulfilling life. I am proud that you have chosen me and can take care of your link. You will remain in our hearts, beloved Kájo, forever,“Ivan tells heaven.

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