Charles Oliveira defended UFC belt

Charles Oliveira defended the UFC champion belt

On December 12, 2021, Charles Oliveira defeated Dustin Poirier and defended the UFC lightweight belt.

The Brazilian fighter had 9 victories in a row. But analysts at Leon Dustin Poirier was considered the favorite, evaluating his chances of winning with a coefficient of 1.68. Learn more about how to register with the BC “ Leon '' you can visit the portal

Dustin Poirier had 3 victories in his last three fights. Conor McGregor was defeated twice by TKO, and the American fighter won the fight with Dan Hooker by decision.

In the first round, the American had the initiative, who shook Oliveira several times with his punches. The Brazilian miraculously did not get knocked out twice, but managed to survive the difficult moments and hold out until the end of the first segment of the fight.

The reigning champion benefited from the rest, and in the second round the fight went according to Charles's scenario. The Brazilian completely declassified his opponent in the fight, so already Poirier openly “ survived '' and waited for the second break.
In the third segment of the fight, Oliveira demonstrated all his skills on the ground. The fight ended with a choke hold from a Brazilian fighter who was able to defend the UFC lightweight belt. This victory was the 10th in a row for Charles, the last defeat the Brazilian suffered in December 2017.

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