Charge: Youth bought explosives stolen by an IDF soldier

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 Accusation: young man bought explosives stolen by an IDF soldier

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A prosecutor's office has charged an Israeli youth with purchasing explosives from an IDF soldier who stole the explosives during his military service.

The Times of Israel reports.

According to the indictment, a member of the Engineer Corps stole about half a kilogram of explosives and other materials used to make the bomb from a military training ground.

A soldier identified only by his Hebrew initials “Bet Bet”, told his friend “Aleph Aleph” about the stolen goods and asked him to find out how much they cost.

“Aleph-Aleph” later reported to Bet-Bet that a fellow 19-year-old Shalev Shaul, 19, from Ashkelon, was interested in buying explosives. The trio met in Tel Aviv and a deal was made: Shaul bought explosives for 2,000 shekels.

and Shaul drove towards Ashkelon with explosives in the trunk of the car, but were stopped by the police, who were informed of the sale.

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