Chaos in the Ministry of Health. Reasons for delayed test results

 Ministry of Health mess. Reasons for delayed test results

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Israeli TV Channel 12 reported on the reasons that, at the peak of the fifth wave of the coronavirus, with tens of thousands of new infections every day, information on the results of coronavirus tests is significantly delayed .

For several days in a row, test results have been delayed – keeping many Israelis out of lockdown, and health ministry information tables not being updated – which is not helping the fight against the epidemic.

The reason is not a flood of requests and an extreme load on computer systems, as it might seem at first glance. In reality, the software of the Ministry of Health was updated – without prior agreement and approval. Following the software update, a series of “glitches” began, which led to failures in the operation of information systems at a critical moment for the country.

about updating the software without consulting anyone.

Ministry of Health engineers are not yet able to deal with this problem. Official data on the incidence of coronavirus has not been updated for three days.

It is expected that failures in computer systems will continue for another ten days. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett was only informed of the problem last night. The Ministry of Health is currently “thinking about how to solve the problem and communicate the test results to citizens in a timely manner”.

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