Chaos in Samaria. Hundreds of Palestinians attacked the IDF

Chaos in Samaria. Hundreds of Palestinians attacked the IDF

Last night the Palestinians organized riots in the area of ​​the Homesh outpost.

An IDF checkpoint was fired on near Nablus from a passing car. The shooters fled. As a result of the shelling, no one was injured. Several dozen backpacks were found in the attack area.

Palestinians attacked IDF forces in four locations around the Homesh outpost – Burka, Bazaria, Sebastia and Silat al-Dahar. An IDF soldier was slightly wounded by a stone.

Earlier, about 200 settlers tried to enter Homesh. Their path was blocked by the army. There were clashes between settlers and soldiers. This was followed by clashes between settlers and Palestinians.

Sources in the security forces blamed the incident on the head of the regional council of Samaria, Yossi Dagan, claiming that he was “starting a fire”.

One of the the most authoritative rabbis of religious Zionism. Haim Drukman, attacked the government’s decision to demolish temporary structures in Homesh: “I am shocked by the demolition of Homesh. How could this be done? The ministers promised me that they would only demolish what was built after the assassination, which is also nonsense, but they destroyed everything, including the water tanks. This is the Israeli government. This is a reward for terror! '' The regional council said: “ There was no confrontation between the settlers and the IDF, the settlers did not attack the Arabs, any such statements are aimed only at one thing – to denigrate the name of the pioneer settlers. ''

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