“Challenge of Change”: “Masa” prepares future Jewish leaders

These days Kibbutz Shefayim is hosting a Summit for 150 participants in Masa programs such as the Masa Doctors. and "Masa-career", from all over the former USSR. The purpose of the Summit, entitled “Challenge of Change” – development of leadership qualities and assistance to Russian-speaking children in the process of integration in Israel and adaptation to a new environment. The event is supported by the Genesis Foundation. Most of the participants are from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, but there are also participants from other countries such as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan.

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The participants of the Summit were welcomed by the chairman of the financial commission of the Knesset, deputy Alex Kushnir. He expressed gratitude to the Masa organization. and the Genesis Foundation, wished success to all young people who decided to connect their fate with Israel, and said: “Aliya to Israel was, is and will be one of the main pillars of Zionism. Israel is certainly a very complex, but at the same time a unique and interesting country where everyone has the opportunity to find themselves. It is generally accepted that America – it is a land of opportunity, but in fact a land of opportunity – this is Israel. Tens of thousands of new immigrants who have succeeded in all spheres of Israeli life are the best proof of this.

One of the Summit participants, Pyotr Vishnevy (23) from Krivoy Rog, always knew that he had Jewish roots, but was brought up in a Christian Adventist religious family. Peter was supposed to become a priest, but he preferred to study the world around him, began to travel, and after visiting Israel decided to connect his fate with the Jewish people. "I realized that the world is multifaceted, I began to study the Jewish heritage and explore my Jewish roots. "Masa" in general, and this Summit in particular, are very inspiring and provide effective tools for a fresh start in the Promised Land” – Peter says.

Reuven Grinberg, director of Russian-language programs “Masa”: “As part of the programs” Masa ” we annually bring 1,500 Russian-speaking young people with Jewish roots to Israel. Our goal is not only to provide them with professional tools, but also to deepen their connection with the state, people and traditions of Israel. Of all the participants, we selected 150 people with leadership potential to participate in the Summit, who, in our opinion, will become the future leaders of the Russian-speaking community in Israel or the Jewish communities in the Diaspora.

< br />Director for grant activities of the Genesis Foundation Natalie Schneiderman: "Genesis Foundation" pays special attention to the real needs of the development and strengthening of the Jewish identity of Russian-speaking Jews, including the adaptation for them of large global Jewish projects – such as Masa. Leadership Summit "Challenge of Change" is part of this collaboration that is returning to normal after the pandemic.”

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Organization "Masa", founded by EA"Sohnut" and the government of Israel. Every year, thousands of young people with Jewish roots from 60 countries fly to Israel to study, teach and intern in the organization's many programs. Participants in these long-term programs train and specialize in various fields, learn Hebrew, contribute to the Israeli economy, strengthen Jewish identity and deepen their connection with Israel and the Jewish people, including through the Masa ID project, sponsored by the Genesis Foundation ;. The project gives an opportunity annually to 1500 Russian-speaking participants of “Masa” get to know Israel through the prism of one's own role in the history of the Jewish people.

Photo: Massa press office

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