Chairs in the Air: Yeshiva Students Fight with Guards

Chairs in the air: yeshiva students fight with security

The Hanukkah celebration in Binyanei HaUma ended in a fight. Dozens of yeshiva students who arrived at a Sunday afternoon event featuring a number of Hasidic musicians ran into guards. As a result, the venue quickly turned into a battlefield.

The incident began when one of the yeshiva students wanted to cross a blocked passage, and when the guard was asked not to cross, he ignored the request.

As a result of the large-scale scuffle that broke out, police reinforcements were called to the scene.

Chairs were thrown at the police word by word. The police did not remain in debt – they began to spray tear gas. However, the forces were unequal – there were about two thousand students, and only a dozen police officers. As a result, the police managed to separate especially violent participants in the riots.

Witnesses of the incident say that everything could have ended in disaster. Such a beautiful event ended so badly.

Representatives of Binyanei Ha-Uma have already issued a statement: “We condemn the violence committed by some of the participants at the end of the event against security guards and property. And we will work with her to bring those responsible to justice. & Rdquo;

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