Chabad threatens legal action against the Kremlin

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 Chabad threatens legal action against Kremlin

Chabad announced the opening of a lawsuit against Russia demanding the return of the historical library of the Hasidic group, which was illegally confiscated by the Russian authorities.

In a warning letter before going to court, lawyer Uri Keidar, representative of the Chabad Hasidic Association, explained that the Schneerson Library Archives is a historical collection of about 12,000 books and original records from the late 18th century.

Keidar called the library the unique collection of its kind in the world and the property of the entire Jewish people, which goes beyond Chabad.

For decades after the First World War, the Schneerson library archive was in the hands of the Soviet regime, and is currently in the hands of the Russian government. Over the decades, Chabad has demanded that Moscow return the archives to the Hasidic Center in New York.

To date, a number of court decisions have been issued in the United States against the Russian government ordering it to return the Schneerson collection to Chabad, including the imposition of a significant contempt of court fine, which currently stands at around $170 million.

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