CFO of Bed Bath & Beyond falls from the 18th floor and dies

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 Bed Bath & Beyond CFO fell from the 18th floor and died

The New York City Police Department has identified a man who jumped off a Manhattan skyscraper and crashed to his death.

According to CNN, the deceased was Gustavo Arnal – CFO of a large American company Bed Bath & beyond. He reportedly jumped from an 18th-floor balcony.

An NYPD statement on Sunday said Arnal, 52, was found unconscious near a skyscraper. Police said the man " appears to have sustained injuries consistent with a fall from a hill.”

A law enforcement source told CNN Sunday that Arnal's wife witnessed his jump. While there was no suicide note, the source said there was no suspicion of a crime.

At Bed Bath & Beyond said they were saddened by the incident and expressed their condolences to the family of the deceased.

It was previously reported that Bed Bath & Beyond is in a difficult position trying to bail out and avoid bankruptcy through downsizing.

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