Cezary Żak says how he managed to lose 30 kg! “It’s not because of sport”

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Cezary Żak says how he managed to lose 30 kg! “It’s not because of sport”

Cezary Żak is an outstanding Polish actor whom Poland fell in love with for the role of Karol Krawczyk in “Honey Years” and for the double role of the head of the village and the parish priest in “Rancz”.

Privately, the actor is associated with Katarzyna Żakwith whom he married in 1985! The couple have two daughters together – Zuzanna and Aleksandra. The younger Susanna is a doctor. During the pandemic, she worked with people suffering from COVID-19. The actor admitted that he was very worried about her health.

The actor has recently become an ambassador of the social campaign “Let’s talk honestly about obesity”. Cezary Żak admits that despite the fact that he managed to lose 30 kg, this topic still concerns him. Although his main motivation to lose weight is health.

Gwiazdor admits that no tricks or magic diets helped in losing weight. The actor managed to lose 30 kilograms because he began to eat healthy food.

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