Celine Evangelista Recalls Meeting Vanessa Angel the Night Before the Accident

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Celine Evangelista Recalls Meeting Vanessa Angel the Night Before the Accident


Celine evangelista remember the last moment I met Vanessa Angel the night before the accident. Vannessa Angel assessed Celine Evangelista looks more beautiful than usual.

Celine Evangelista was even amazed to see Vanessa Angel.

“The difference is, that night Vanessa was so beautiful, that Vanessa even made up her makeup artist. I said, ‘Is it you who made up-in?’ No, she does her own make-up, she’s really pretty, like she’s different from usual,” she said Celline Evangelista after filling the Trans TV Viral Coffee program, at Transmedia, Mampang, Jalan Captain P Tendean, South Jakarta, Monday (8/11/2021).

Meanwhile remembering the kindness of Vanessa Angel and Aunt Andriansyah. Vanessa is known as a person who has fought hard for her family, despite having a dark life.

“Yes, they have struggled very hard to get to where they are now. That I value is that they are really happy, they get along well, and can make peace with their past, the circumstances that have happened,” he explained.

“They’ve been celebrating Gala’s birthday, so I can’t say much, I just think they’re good people,” he concluded, remembering the story of Vanessa Angel and Bibi.

Vanessa Angel and Aunt Febri Andriansyah had a single accident at Kilometer (KM) 673, East Java, at 12:36 WIB, on Thursday (4/11/2021). In the accident, Vanessa Angel and Aunt Andriansyah died.

Meanwhile, three other people, including children, assistant, and driver, were injured.

Initially, the Pajero car with the police number B 1264 BJU drove from the direction of Jakarta. Arriving at KM 673+300/A on the Jomol Toll Road, the vehicle hit the left concrete barrier because the driver was suspected of being sleepy.

The vehicle eventually bounced, spun around, and stopped in the fast lane. Friday (5/11/2021) afternoon, Vanessa Angel and the husband has been buried in a burial pit.

Watch Videos”Assistant Vanessa Angel Will Be Examined As Witness“[Gambas:Video 20detik](fbr/pus)


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