Celine Dion cancels concert in Israel

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 Celine Dion canceled concert in Israel

The Celine Dion show has announced that the singer's summer 2023 tour has been cancelled, including a performance that was scheduled to take place at Bloomfield Stadium on May 31st. This show has already been postponed twice due to corona restrictions and once again due to a neurological condition that Dion suffers from which causes her muscle spasms to prevent her from performing.

In a video she posted to disappointed fans who have been waiting for her for three years, Dion, 54, explained: “It hurts me to tell you, I miss meeting you, missing the stage, performing for you. I always give 100% when I perform, but right now I can't give you that. So that I can reach out to you again, I have no choice but to focus on my health, and I have hope that I am on my way to recovery.

Of her rare illness, Celine added: “Unfortunately, it affects every aspect of my daily life – sometimes I have trouble walking and I can't use my voice the way I used to. I work a lot with therapists to get my strength back, but I have to admit it's not easy.”

According to the production announcement, Dion has decided to reschedule some of her canceled performances to 2024. However, “unfortunately, her managers informed us that she will not be rescheduling her performance in Israel, as well as seven other performances scheduled in Cyprus, Malta, Greece, Romania, France, Italy and Switzerland.”

Customers who choose to keep their tickets for shows scheduled to take place in 2020 and 2021, or who purchase tickets for shows in 2023, will receive a full refund within 90 days. Given the length of time that has elapsed since tickets were purchased, refunds will be made via bank transfer to the original purchaser. The account update form will be sent to customers automatically, and there is no need to contact the service center.

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