Celebrity, Justin Bieber | Opened up about drug abuse last year. Justin Bieber is now launching his own cannabis product

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Celebrity, Justin Bieber | Opened up about drug abuse last year. Justin Bieber is now launching his own cannabis product

– Will remove the stigma from the product, says Bieber.

In this case, you will find some of the most relevant celebrity talkies from home and abroad right now.

On Monday, cannabis producer Palms was able to launch their brand new product in collaboration with pop idol Justin Bieber (27).

“In collaboration with Justin Bieber, Palms is pleased to introduce an exclusive series of pre-rolled joints to celebrate Justin’s song Peaches.”

The song “Peaches”, which was released in March earlier this year, has been a hit on the charts worldwide, where several have hummed the stanzas “I got my peaches out in Georgia (oh, yeah, shit), I get my weed from California (that’s that shit) »through the summer.

According to Bieber, he is proud of the collaboration song and he is doing with Palms now.

– I’m a big fan of Palms and what they do to make cannabis available and help destigmatize it. Especially for the people who use cannabis for their mental health, Bieber says in a statement, reproduced by Daily Mail.

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Despite the fact that the product is currently in limited edition, it seems that this will not be the last collaboration the pop star will make with the cannabis producer.

– I wanted to be sure that I did something that felt real when I first had to enter into a collaboration with them, and “Peaches” feels like a good place to start, Bieber continues in the statement.

Justin Bieber has previously been very open about his mental health, and spoke openly in 2019 that he had abused several strong drugs at the age of 19 years.

– I became distant from everyone who loved me and I hid in the shell of this person I had become. I felt it could never be turned around, he stated on Instagram at the time.

In the documentary about himself, which came out in February last year, he also spoke openly about the addiction he finally realized he had to overcome.

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– The first time I smoked hashish was in my own garden and I became a superstone. That’s when I realized that I liked hashish so much, and that’s when my need to smoke started. But then I started to get very addicted to it, and that was when I realized I had to quit, he said at the time, reproduced by Daily Mail.

According to a statement from Palms, the desire is behind the collaboration and also to promote Bieber’s mental history, and use this collaboration as a tool to raise awareness of such important topics.

Rarely shared photo of brother

The collaboration between Justin Bieber and the cannabis producer is not the only thing that has been on people’s lips in the last 24 hours.

On Monday night, reality star Kim Kardashian (40) shared a photo series on Instagram that made several fans close their eyes.

– Dinner with my favorite couple, Kardashian writes to the photos that include sisters Khloe Kardashian (37) and Kourtney Kardashian (42) with their respective husbands.

Kourtney with his girlfriend Travis Barker (45) and Khloé with their little brother Rob Kardashian (34), which is a very rare sight for fans.

A few years ago, Rob withdrew completely from the limelight and the family’s own series “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. Especially after the very public laundry between him and model Blac Chyna (33), with whom he has a daughter.

Speculation has since ravaged whether Rob is doing well or not, and for the fans, this was apparently a gratifying sight.

– Rob looks good! It makes me happy to see, writes one

– Wow. Rob looks sexy as hell, writes another.

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Tear wet after support from the fans

Last week more or less won Britney Spears (39) in court against her own father to dismiss him as guardian. A guardianship Britney Spears has said she has suffered for more than 13 years.

A certified public accountant, who was wanted by the apparatus around Spears, was appointed as temporary guardian of her fortune of around 60 million dollars, equivalent to just over half a billion kroner.

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According to the news agency AP, there will be a new court hearing on November 12, where the entire guardianship scheme will probably be discontinued.

Meanwhile, fans and Britney Spears have started celebrating Spears’ long-awaited freedom. On Twitter Monday night, Spears went out and thanked the FreeBritney movement for everything they have done for her.

– The #FreeBritney movement …. I have no words … because of you and your resilience in freeing me from guardianship, my life is heading in that direction. I cried for two hours last night because my fans are the best and I know that, she wrote.

For a number of years, the movement has shed light on Britney Spears’ guardianship and demanded explanations:

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