Celebrated: Arsenal fans arrested after Manchester United win

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 Celebrated: Arsenal fans arrested after defeating Manchester United

Police arrest at least eight Arsenal fans in Uganda after their celebration of victory over Manchester United in the English Premier League.

The fans donned the club's red uniform, took the symbolic trophy and drove through the city of Jinja in a convoy of five cars. According to the police, the fans there was no permission for the march, which is considered a breach of public order.

“I don't know what we did, but we were just celebrating our victory over Manchester United rivals, — said one fan in a comment to the Daily Monitor.

In response to the incident, human rights organizations said that the Public Order Management Act had given the Ugandan police discretionary powers that were used to suppress citizens' rights.

"Arsenal" scored a dramatic last-minute goal to win 3-2 on Sunday. The victory gave hope to the club's fans that it would finish the Premier League in first place.

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