CEC has begun the registration of the observers

ЦИК начала регистрацию наблюдателей

CEC allowed observers 20 public organizations

Wednesday, may 29, the CEC initiated the registration of official observers on parliamentary elections to be held on 21 July 2019, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Depo.

According to the CEC, to monitor the electoral process by observers from the following public organizations: “Civil network “SUPPORT”, “Advanced legal initiatives”, the “Association of professional political consultants”, “Election platform “Experience”, “Auto Euro Power”, “all-Ukrainian human rights group “Rule of law”, “all-Ukrainian Association “anti-corruption movement in the homeland”, “all-Ukrainian Association “anti-corruption movement of Ukraine”, “Ukrainian Union “Our”, “ECO (ecology, culture, education) Berezan, Kyiv starts with you!”, “International anti-criminal Alliance”, “the Monitoring mission for the elections in Ukraine in 2019”, “an Independent country”, “Union “people’s defender”, “Party of nikolayevets”, “Conscious society”, “Centre for the protection of people of Kiev!”, “The centre of industrial ecology”, “Center for professional and labor rehabilitation of the judicial system”.

In addition, the CEC allowed to have official observers on elections to the Parliament and public organizations of “Research Institute for development of democracy” and “Youth platform “the Future”.

The CEC registered the first candidate for people’s deputies

“The question of the observation of the electoral process is not related to their statutory activities,” said the Commission.

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