Caught hot: Tom Cruise was staring at Kate Middleton

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 Caught hot: Tom Cruise stares at Kate Middleton

The fans of the royal family reacted with delight to the fact that the famous actor Tom Cruise stared at Kate Middleton during one of the Wimbledon games.

Cruz was caught looking towards the Duchess of Cambridge.

"Wow! He's staring at Katherine so much! She must have really impressed him at the premiere of Top Gun! He looks smitten,” wrote one fan.

Another commented, “He couldn't resist. She is tall and slim like Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. We see you Tom… Oops.

Another fan stated, “Tom is drooling over the Duchess of Cambridge again, but seriously, who can blame him.”

As The Mirror points out, it really is This is not the first time that Tom Cruise and Kate Middleton have seen each other in real life. Earlier, Prince William and his wife Kate attended the premiere of the film with Tom Cruise.

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