Catherine II's letter on the benefits of vaccination will be put up for auction

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Letter from Catherine II about the benefits of vaccination will be put up for auction

Letter from Catherine II & # 8212; the first known document about the first mass vaccination campaign in Russia.

A lot with a letter from Catherine II about vaccination was put up at an auction in Moscow, reports with reference to the Correspondent.

< p>& # 171; The authenticity of Catherine's letter and autographs were confirmed by Academician Khromov. This document is absolutely awesome & # 8212; it is not just a stroke of a pen, but a detailed description. Ekaterina was the first person in & nbsp; Russia, which took root & # 187;, & # 8212; said the director of MacDougalls & # 8217; s Catherine McDougall.

The letter was written during the Empress's trip to Crimea to Field Marshal General Count Pyotr Rumyantsev. She shared her thoughts on how vaccination can be organized at the & nbsp; state level. She also called the lack of vaccination & # 171; great harm & # 187 ;.

The letter of Catherine II and her portrait will be displayed in one lot with an estimate of 78 to 117 million rubles. The exposition will take place in Moscow from November 19 to November 30 at the Zubovs' estate on Taganka.

It is known that in October 1768, Catherine II was the first in Russia to take root from smallpox. The empress took such a step in the midst of an epidemic that captured Russia and Europe.

At that time, a method called variolation was used. It consisted in the fact that the vaccinated person was made several cuts on the arm and smallpox material obtained from the patient was injected there, for example, a thread moistened with pus was pulled through the wound. The mortality rate among those vaccinated by this method was about 2% and was 20 times lower than among the unvaccinated.

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