Case of “Yemeni children”: DNA analysis of the remains was carried out

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 Case of "Yemeni children": DNA analysis of remains

Israeli forensic scientists have deciphered the full genetic profile of a deceased child exhumed as part of the Yemeni Children investigation.

Forensic experts from the Israel National Judicial Institute medicine has been able to reconstruct a genetic profile from remains recovered two weeks ago from a grave marked as belonging to Yosef Melamed. The Times of Israel reports.

Melamed's family does not believe he died or is buried there. His mother, Shulamit Melamed, instead believes that her son was kidnapped and adopted and is still alive.

The test results will reportedly be compared with DNA results from Melamed's next of kin to see if the exhumed ones belong to him. remains.

Previous attempts to obtain DNA profiles from the 10 other graves exhumed in this case some 25 years ago have been inconclusive. Back then, DNA identification was still a relatively new science. Technology now makes it possible to identify complete profiles using very limited and often damaged DNA samples.

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