Carried away: Israeli rescued after 12 hours at sea

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 Carried away: Israeli rescued after 12 hours at sea

On Wednesday morning, a 75-year-old Israeli man was rescued in the northern city of Kiryat Yat after spending more than twelve hours at sea.

According to Ynet, Michael Joffe went for a swim to Amigos Beach in Kiryat Yam on Tuesday at 19:00. However, he was swept away by the current and was unable to return to shore.

The alarm was raised by his wife, who called her son at 23:30 to report that Michael had not returned home from his usual swim.

Son Leo went to the beach, where he found his father's things. He called the police and reported the disappearance.

“The police arrived immediately with an ambulance. The officers began a large-scale search, and then called the maritime police. Searched all night. I joined the search in the bay area, but we did not find him. We imagined the worst,” says the son.

In the morning, at about 7 o'clock, Lev received a phone call and was informed that his father had been found. The man was in the Haifa Bay, about a kilometer from the beach.

Michael Joffe said that he kept his cool and was not afraid of drowning. Paramedics examined the man, who was fully conscious, and determined that he was in good physical condition and does not need any medical care.

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