Carole and Balan commented on the rumors about his novel

Кароль и Балан прокомментировали слухи о своем романе

Carole and Balan commented on the rumors about his novel
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The artists add fuel to the fire for his controversial responses.

The coaches show “Golos Krainy” Tina Karol and Dan Balan commented on the rumors about his affair. The details of personal lives of the artists shared in interview to the program “Swfsc life”.

On the question of Katya Osadchaya, that now binds a couple, courtship or romance, Carol smiled, and Balan quickly gave the answer.

– Of course, Yes, a novel! The novel is written by the hand of genius, – said the artist.

Artists attributed to relationships on the show “Golos Krainy-9”. The reason for the next wave of rumors was the performance of the pair at the awards M1 Music Awards. Then Carole and Balan one MIC performed the song “Home” so that their lips were a millimeter from each other. Balan said that the idea of numbers came up Tina.

She called me at three in the morning, I slept. Said: “I Have this idea – what if we use one microphone for two?” and I said, “Tina, you sleep, in the morning we’ll talk.” Wake up, and I have visualization! – shared by.

To questions about relations with Balan singer responds ambiguously, keeping the intrigue. Carol likes it when she is credited with novels.


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