Carnivals in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo postponed

 Carnivals in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo rescheduled

In Brazil, due to the spread of a new strain of coronavirus, the traditional parades of samba schools in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo were postponed to April. This was announced in the mayor's offices of both cities. It is noted that the decision was made jointly by the heads of the country's two largest metropolitan areas.

In the spring, carnivals will honor the memory of the local national hero Tiradentes. So, most likely, the events will be held on April 21.

In Brazil, with a population of 213 million people, more than half of the citizens are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus – almost 148 million inhabitants. About 25.8 million people have been revaccinated. But at the same time, 14.5 million Brazilians have not completed their vaccination course, writes Planetofhotels.

The incidence of coronavirus has been growing in the country since early December. Last week, the anti-record for the number of new cases per day was updated twice.

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