Carnations gave an unexpected assessment of his opponent: “Can kick ass”

Гвоздик дал неожиданную оценку своему сопернику: «Может надрать зад»

World champion light heavyweight champion under version WBC Alexander Carnations for the first time spoke about his next opponent Dudu Ngumbu

The Ukrainian decided to disprove the rumors that Ngumbu weak fighter and will not be able to compete with him in the ring.

The duel between these two boxers to be held on 30 March in Philadelphia and will be the first title defense of the Ukrainian.

Гвоздик дал неожиданную оценку своему сопернику: «Может надрать зад»

Carnations believes that the 37-year-old Frenchman belongs to the type of fighters that you need to prepare carefully.

“You know, I read the opinion of fans that they are weak opponents, but I disagree. This is the type of boxer who can kick your ass if you’re not prepared thoroughly.

He suffered many defeats, but you can see he has only lost to the best fighters and only the decisions of judges. He’s a tricky opponent. I think people just underestimate him.

I watched films of his fights, it is clear that he is not as strong as Adonis Stevenson, but it can ruin your battle if you treat it lightly” — said Stud in an interview with Boxingtalk.

Гвоздик дал неожиданную оценку своему сопернику: «Может надрать зад»

Earlier we wrote that the Russian boxer Sergey Kovalev was able to regain his title of world champion light-heavyweight for the WBO title in bout against Alvarez Eleider.

This victory makes him a viable opponent for the Ukrainian WBC champion Alexander Carnation. Kovalev decided to personally comment on the likelihood of such a match.

As it turned out, Russian is a longtime friend of the Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr gvozdik. That kind of fight, Kovalev would like to avoid, because of their friendly relations with our boxer.

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“It’s a sport. Have to fight, we will fight. I would not want of course. We are good friends. The more Sasha just became a champion. And he probably also doesn’t want to risk it. He also wants to make money. With belt fights are sold much more expensive. Moreover, we have one Manager, and there are other Champions, fights which were interesting to all”, — quotes the words of boxer the edition Soviet sports.

We will remind that after a victory over Stevenson Carnations made a stunning leap into the list of the best fighters in the world.

As reported Politeka, Carnations shared future plans after winning the championship belt in a battle with Stephenson.

Also Politeka wrote that Mustache commented on the fight Stevenson — Carnations.

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