Carnage in Canada: second suspect dies

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 Carnage in Canada: second suspect dies

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Miles Sanderson, one of two suspects in the Saskatchewan massacre, has died, police said on Wednesday evening.

Sanderson was arrested earlier in the day after a three-day manhunt, reports CBSnews.

“Shortly after his arrest, he began to experience health problems,” police said.

The suspect was taken to the hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead. was named.

An unnamed official told The Associated Press that Sanderson died from self-inflicted wounds. The source did not explain when or how the wounds were inflicted.

The second suspect in the attack was found dead on Monday.

Police spokeswoman Rhonda Blackmore said that since both suspects are dead, corollary “may never have understanding” motives for the crime.

Recall that two – Miles and Damien Sanderson staged a massacre with a knife, killing 10 people and injuring at least 15.

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