Carmen Tănase, a convinced anti-vaccine, is sick with COVID. Artist’s statements

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Carmen Tănase, a convinced anti-vaccine, is sick with COVID. Artist’s statements

UPDATE; Actress Carmen Tănase said, on Wednesday evening, for Aleph News, that she is not sick with COVID-19 after it was rumored to be infected with coronavirus. “Not true. I’m fine. I have absolutely nothing, “she said.

Initial news: Actress Carmen Tănase, which has publicly campaigned against anti-Covid vaccination and restraint measures, is said to be infected with Sars-Cov-2.

Carmen Tănase has repeatedly stated that wearing a mask and a green certificate is a way of restricting freedom and that she will fight against the authorities.

Moreover, the artist gave an extremely dramatic speech in which she blamed the people who were vaccinated against the virus and who respect the restrictive measures, although the number of cases in Romania is overwhelming, and doctors no longer take place in hospitals for adult patients but not for children infected with Sars-Cov-2.

“What did you do for your child?” Do you like to look into your child’s eyes when he grows up and when he says to you: Dad, what did you do? Did you sit like a lure or like a boy, according to Mrs. Budeanu, and did nothing? “, Says Carmen Tănase about the parents who were vaccinated.

The situation is also becoming critical in schools. Over 16 thousand students and five thousand teachers and employees in schools, infected with COVID!Another serious slip of the actress Carmen Tănase was when she declared that the virus that causes Covid is not so contagious, although the incidence in Bucharest reached 15.1 per thousand today, and a month ago, on September 11, the incidence was 1.37 per thousand inhabitants, according to DSP.

“I will fight for my right as much as I can legally – because I can still legally, and I speak strictly on my behalf – and then, if it is not possible, I will will give an organic law in the Parliament, as it happened in France and in Italy, if the society isolates me, as such I will be isolated, that is what I will do “, the actress declared, on Antena 3.

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