Carlos de Pena: if the war starts, I will leave and not return

 Carlos de Pena: if war breaks out, I'll leave and never come back

Uruguayan midfielder of Dynamo Kiev Carlos de Pena commented on the news about a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He gave the corresponding interview to ESPN.

"If something happens, I will leave and not come back. This is a very difficult story, which I encounter for the first time. This is a terrible story, I'm sure no one would want to face it”, & ndash; said de Pena.

According to the football player, he tries to get all the necessary information about the situation on the Ukrainian border, since he lives in the country with his family.

"I always put family first. They are now in Uruguay, but have already bought tickets to Ukraine on February 22. Now we will decide together with them and the club what to do next. So far, everything is calm, but the situation can change quickly, so we must be careful. Now I do not see any problems, I do not feel fear among my Ukrainian teammates, because they are more accustomed to living in such conditions. I haven't seen anything yet that would upset me. But I have a very clear idea of ​​what to do if the war still starts, & ndash; he emphasized.

As the football player noted, family safety is in the first place for him.

“I respect Ukraine very much and I want everything to be fine. But in which case, I will leave, I will not doubt it. Ukrainians' resentment towards Russians is felt even in football, they want Russian clubs to lose when they play in European competitions. This is something that I do not feel, because I am Uruguayan and have nothing to do with this problem, I do not feel any hatred. Today I am here, and I am indebted to Dynamo. I have to follow the instructions given by the club, but at the same time I also think that there are things that are more important than any employment contract — the safety of my family and me”, — he concluded.

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