Careful care – this is the Provena approach

 Gentle care – is the Provena approach

“Beauty will save the world.” And now we are not talking about spiritual beauty like F.M. Dostoevsky. In everyday life it is nice to see well-groomed people. After all, looking at beauty, we strive for everything beautiful.

And who, if not experts in the beauty industry, knows better than others how to create care products that will emphasize natural beauty. The specialists of the leading network of beauty salons yullia, together with specialists in the field of medicine and chemistry, have succeeded in developing a skin care line that will not make you wait long for results.

The PROVEN by yullia professional series is divided into two main areas: cosmetics for home care and a line for professional use in salons. PROVEN by yullia products are designed and manufactured in Jerusalem.

All PROVEN by yullia products comply with ISO and GMP standards and are approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Israeli Diabetes Association. The products are paraben-free, and safety has been proven without animal testing.

And the assortment of the line pleases with its variety and quality:

Drops for the treatment of problems with the nail plate, repairing foot cream, protective hand cream, antiseptic gel, Base Coat for nails, Top Coat for nails, nail strengthener, antibacterial medicated soap, liquid blade to remove rough skin , therapeutic peeling cream, cuticle remover, filler, professional pedicure file, disposable patches in three colors: sand, graphite, marble.

Let's take a look at the features of the Proven line:

 Gentle care – is Provena's approach

Drops for the treatment of problems of the nail plate Proven. Effectively fight against diseases of the nail plate and fungal infections, restoring a healthy shine to the nails. The composition of the preparation includes all natural ingredients, such as: tea tree oil, jojoba oil, eucalyptus oil and vitamin E.

 Gentle care – that's the Provena approach

Regenerating foot cream saves from dryness, accelerates the healing of cracks on the problematic skin of the feet. The cream is enriched with avocado and shea oils, while vitamins A, D and E have powerful moisturizing and softening properties. Relieves fatigue and puffiness.

 Gentle care – such is Provena approach

Protective hand cream. Rich in vitamin E, which is a powerful natural antioxidant that protects against negative environmental factors. Jojoba oil moisturizes, making the skin of the hands velvety and smooth. The cream improves skin elasticity and density, brightens and prevents the appearance of age spots.

 Careful care – such is Provena's approach

Antiseptic gel – simply a necessary element, especially in the era of the crown. Effectively eliminates germs, viruses and bacteria, keeping hands clean and surfaces safe. Aloe vera extract and vitamin E provide reliable protection against irritation and drying.

 Careful care – such is Provena's approach

The base coat for nails is designed specifically to prepare nails for the application of a color layer and extend the “life” of the nails. any manicure or pedicure. This base makes the surface smoother, prevents cracking, chipping and peeling of nails. Provides easy color application and durability.

 Gentle care – this is the Provena approach

Glossy top coat — professional protection, secure hold and a brilliant finishing touch to a manicure or pedicure. Suitable for both professional and home use.

 Gentle care – such is Provena's approach

Nail hardener. Restores weak, damaged, flaky nails, providing them with protection and stimulating healthy growth. Deeply nourishes and moisturizes the nail plate. Improves the appearance of nails, making them stronger.

 Gentle care – this is Provena's approach

Filler. Applied as a primer for smoothness, fills in irregularities, masking spots on the surface of the nail. Extends nail polish life, enhances application and protects nails.

 Gentle care – is Provena's approach

Antibacterial medicated soap. Thoroughly cleanses the skin, eliminates unpleasant odors. The product is based on natural components of antiseptic and deodorizing action – rosemary extract and tea tree oil. Contains aloe vera and Dead Sea minerals to prevent dryness and irritation of the skin.

– Liquid Blade – professional product specially designed to remove corns and soften corns and seals on the skin. The product significantly reduces the time of the pedicure procedure, makes it more comfortable and absolutely painless.

 Gentle care – such is Provena's approach

Professional cuticle remover helps to gently get rid of excess skin around the nails without effort and cuts. The product provides a healthy and well-groomed appearance of the nail bed, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, preventing its roughness and flaking.

 Gentle care – that's the Provena approach

An effective therapeutic peeling cream gently renews the skin, exfoliating the coarsened layers of the epidermis and removing dead skin cells. Contains natural ingredients: marigold flower extract provides a soothing effect, avocado and lavender oils nourish, and shea butter and vitamins E and B5 soften the skin.

 Gentle care – is the Provena approach

Professional pedicure file made of high quality Solingen steel. The convenient shape of the ergonomic handle of the file provides the master with the most comfortable grip when grinding the foot and complete safety when removing corns and dead skin.

 Gentle care – this is the Provena approach

Disposable patches for professional pedicure files from PROVEN. They provide secure fixation during operation and easy removal at the end of the procedure. Presented in three colors and depending on the application: sand – to remove rough skin and corns; graphite – for polishing and removing dry skin; marble – to give smoothness to the skin during the final polishing. The patches are safe to use even on the thinnest skin, without the risk of cuts. There are 25 pieces in a package.

The products are suitable for both women's and men's manicure and pedicure procedures, for all skin types, including problematic and requiring especially careful handling. All products are used for professional nail services in the yullia premium beauty salon chain.

The PROVEN by yullia line has already resonated with both nail service professionals and consumers who prefer home care and quality cosmetics.

All PROVEN by yullia products can be purchased online at our website Your order will be delivered to your home or beauty salon as soon as possible.

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